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The SMITE Pro League is our elite competitive circuit on the Battleground of the Gods. It features eight of the top-performing professional teams in the world, and showcases the best mechanical talent that SMITE has to offer.

All of our SPL teams have relocated to Georgia for Season 8 so they can live together, scrim together, and play their weekly matches live on LAN from the Hi-Rez Productions studio in Alpharetta, GA. With the added stability of year-long salaries and guaranteed housing, the leading pro SMITE players from all over the globe can focus on their year-round fight for gain and glory on the Battleground of the Gods.

At the end of the year, their SPL journey will culminate in one ultimate battle at the SMITE World Championship. Several teams will enter, but only one will emerge victorious and lift the coveted hammer as the true gods of SMITE.

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Where To Watch

The SMITE Pro League is broadcast every weekend on our official SmiteGame streaming channels -- including Twitch, YouTube, and even Steam!

ThursdayStarting at 1:00 PM ET
FridayStarting at 1:00 PM ET
SaturdayStarting at 1:00 PM ET
SundayStarting at 1:00 PM ET
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The SMITE Pro League season is broken into three phases, with a playoff event at the end of each phase. At the end of the seasons, teams will also compete in a qualifier round for a seat in the pinnacle event of the year -- the SMITE World Championship.

In Season 8, the SPL will use a points-based system that awards each team points based on where they placed in the phase playoffs. At the end of the season, the total points a team has will determine their seeding in the SMITE World Championship.


Each phase in the SMITE Pro League will follow a double round robin format with best-of-three matches. The regular season is split into three phases, with each phase lasting eight weeks.

• Phase 1 -- April 23 – June 13, 2021
• Phase 2 -- July 2 – August 22, 2021
• Phase 3 -- September 18 – November 14, 2021

At the end of each phase, the top six teams in the standings will qualify for the phase playoffs.


Each of this year’s three playoff events will be a three-day LAN event featuring the top six SPL teams from each phase. The playoffs will follow a single-elimination format with best-of-five matches all the way through. Teams will earn SPL points and a share of the $66,666 prize pool based on where they finish in the bracket.

• Phase 1 Playoffs: June 18-20, 2021
• Phase 2 Playoffs: August 27-29, 2021
• Phase 3 Playoffs: November 19-21, 2021

The Phase 3 Playoffs will be followed immediately by the SMITE World Championship qualifier event.


While the top two teams in the SPL will automatically qualify for the SMITE World Championship, the rest of our teams will have to compete in a qualifier bracket to secure their seat on the championship stage.

We will announce the format for the SMITE World Championship Qualifiers event later in the season.


This is the pinnacle event of the SMITE Pro League. This year’s SMITE World Championship will be held January 2022 in Atlanta, GA.

In this three-day event, the best of the best SMITE Pro League teams will meet on the World Championship stage to fight for the right to lift the Hammer trophy -- the highest honor on the Battleground.

We will announce the format for the SMITE World Championship later in the season.

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